During life changes it is important to have a strong foundation they can base current and future decisions.  We work with our clients on a perpetual basis to ensure a stable base so that they are ready for change.


The only constant is change.  Having a long term plan for personal cash flow as you manage career growth, raising children and retirement, is critical.  This plan must include a strategic tax plan that both takes advantage of new tax laws while planning for future taxable income needs.  Our goal is to understand your current year tax situation by the end of the current year.  This would mean tax preparation is merely an act of compliance, as the results of filing have already been planned for.  To accomplish this we feel communication with clients as well as their financial planner, lawyers and other advisers is crucial.  We encourage phone calls when questions come up during the year by limiting billings for these moments.


Companies see multiple changes on a daily basis.  Cash flow is at the root of most of these.  Having a system to best manage and analyze business performance offers the stability entrepreneurs need to mitigate the changes their businesses will go through.  This system includes accounting and payroll services for small businesses, as well as advanced tax planing and preparation utilizing the tax code to maximize tax deductions while utilizing all tax deferring strategies available.    
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